Windows 8 first tips to start

In these days I’ve installed Windows 8.
I’m writing this post not to tell my impression of the new Microsoft os, but would be a little guid of all step you need to fallow to familiarize with W8.

After the Windows installation, there is a little presentation that explain the necessary gesture to use W8

  1. Shortcuts
    Use W8 with the mouse for a power user is very annoying:
    so what is the short cut to speed up the usability?here a full list

  2. Join the domain


  3. Change the product key and register
    Run the cmd as Administrator
    Change the product key:

    slmgr.vbs -ipk <type your product key here>

    Activate Window 8

    slmgr.vbs -ato

    Original post

    Other solution I found is that

    slui.exe 3


  4. Disable lock Screen
    In a phone or in a tablet it is very usefull the lock screen, but using the laptop there’s no motivation to have this…
    so here a link to disable it


  5. How To Enable Windows 8 Hibernate Option
    The Hibernate option is not enabled by default so here a link that show to enable it


  6. How to get disable Metro UI in Windows 8 / How to change the Windows start key
    This solution is available only in Windows 8 Preview not in RTM
    I think metro will not like to all user that have a PC or laptop and want only work, so I found this video that explain how to disable it.
    I haven’t try that

The list of step is end for now.
What to know the right bar that appear moving the mouse on che right up corner or pressing win+C is contextual to the application running.
so if you press “search” in the Store application you’ll find an application on store, if you click “settings” in Mail application, Windows show the settings of the mail application.
This is very important to remember.

In the next post I’ll show how to configure the right account inside Windows:

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