StringFormat double number on Binding

In the latest release of Silverlight and WPF, Microsoft has introduced StringFormat on Binding value.
The StringFormat permit to avoit to write many converter to show the right data value.

Microsoft on his pages show only this samples:


For a string with the value “WinPhone rocks”.

StringFormat=\{0,20\} : “      WinPhone rocks”
StringFormat=\{0,-20\} : “WinPhone rocks      ”
StringFormat=’I just typed "\{0\}".’ : “I just typed “WinPhone rocks”.”


For a double with the value : 18749.3574

StringFormat=\{0:C\} : $18,749.36

StringFormat=\{0:F\} : 18749.36

StringFormat=\{0:N\} : 18,749.36

StringFormat=\{0:E\} : 1.874936E+004

StringFormat=\{0:P\} : 1,874,936.74%

You can also use the format:

StringFormat=\{0:[letter][number]\} :

so that [letter] indicates why kind of formatting and [number] indicates the decimal place:

StringFormat=\{0:E5\} : 1.87494E+004

StringFormat=\{0:F3\} : 18,749.357

StringFormat=\{0:P0\} : 1,874,936%

StringFormat=’Amount available: \{0:C0\}” : Amount available: $18,749


Date formatting is extremely flexible with a large number of preset options and a custom formatting structure that gives a lot of options. If you implement the localization feature above, it is like its own special kind of magic.

For the date (with US localization): 1/25/2013 3:30:23 PM

StringFormat=\{0:d\} : 1/25/2013

StringFormat=\{0:D\} : Thursday, January 25, 2013

StringFormat=\{0:f\} : Thursday, January 25, 2013 3:30 PM

StringFormat=\{0:F\} : Thursday, January 25, 2013 3:30:23 PM

StringFormat=\{0:g\} : 1/25/2013 3:30 PM

StringFormat=\{0:G\} : 1/25/2013 3:30:23 PM

StringFormat=\{0:M\} : January 25

StringFormat=\{0:R\} : Thu, 25 Jan 2013 15:30:23 GMT

And if none of these formats suit you, you can define your own DateTime format:

StringFormat=’hh:mm:ss:fff tt’ : 03:30:23.423 PM

StringFormat=’MM/dd/yy’ : 01/25/13

StringFormat=’MMMM dd, yyy g’ : January 25, 2013 A.D.

StringFormat=’ddd, MMM dd, yyyy’ : Thu, Jan 25, 2013

But how can I format a double value with 3 decimals?
The first solution is:


in this solution set 3 the decimal to all number like this:


If I want show the digit only if different from 0 usualy we do:

the right string format is:


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