Rate and Review WinRT app

In this month I migrated some WP app to Windows Store App.
I’ve done all and I notice that after the app is approuved on marketplace, in the SettingsPane will appear “Rate and Review”.

But how can I open Rate and Review by code?

First one you can open the settings Pane:


and than the user will click “Rate and review”

The finally solution is use a ms-windows-store protocol:

// show your app page on marketplace
var uriAppDetail = new Uri(@"ms-windows-store:PDP?PFN=" + Windows.ApplicationModel.Package.Current.Id.FamilyName);

// show rate and review for your app
var uriRate = new Uri(@"ms-windows-store:REVIEW?PFN=" + Windows.ApplicationModel.Package.Current.Id.FamilyName);

To work with other app use another PFN.
To obtain the PFN (Packaging Family Name), double click Package.appxmanifest and go to Packaging tab and take the value inside “Package family name:”

To show all the apps published by someone do this:

var uriMyApps = new Uri(@"ms-windows-store:PUBLISHER?name=Andrea%20Regoli");

If you have Windows 8 copy and paste this line on your browser url

this is a microsoft page that can help you


Informazioni su Andrea Regoli

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