How to generate a word document docx from existing document template

Create your docx document ad add to it some Custom Property.

Click File Tab > Info > Properties > Advanced Property

Then navigate to Custom tab and insert your property.

Next you have to add the Field to the document text
Insert > Quick Parts > Fields
or press CTRL + F9

Then Select from “Field names” list the value DocProperty and select your custom property created before.

Ok now we are ready to generate our document.

Create a new Project and add the reference to “docx” package:

Here my sample

private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    DocX g_document;

    g_document = FillTemplate(DocX.Load(@"test.docx"));

    var destinationFile = "testFilled.docx";
    // Save all changes made to this template as Invoice_The_Happy_Builder.docx (We don't want to replace InvoiceTemplate.docx).

private DocX FillTemplate(DocX template)
    template.AddCustomProperty(new CustomProperty("First_Name", "Andrea"));
    template.AddCustomProperty(new CustomProperty("Last_Name", "Regoli"));
    template.AddCustomProperty(new CustomProperty("site", ""));

    return template;

You can download the full code here:

For a full great sample go to docx version

and download Advance – Invoice Example
also available here:


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