Javascript parseFloat Culture problem

When you write a page in a italian culture or any culture that use , instead . as a decimal number, parseFloat will truncate the result.
So if you need to perform some operation by javascript you need to convert the textbox value to a valid value.
Use this code:

function parseFloatCulture(str) {
    if (typeof str === "number") {
        return str;

    var ar = str.split(/\.|,/);

    var value = '';
    for (var i in ar) {
        if (i > 0 && i == ar.length - 1) {
            value += ".";
        value += ar[i];
    return Number(value);

function floatCultureToString(val) {
    return val.toString().replace('.', ',');

call parseFloatCulture to convert the textbox value in float, perform your operation and use floatCultureToString if you need to show the result value on the page.


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