CascadingDropdown jquery plugin

CascadingDropdown is a great jquery plugin to implement cascading drop down in javascript

I suggest you this 2 demo links.

This plugin works great when I navigate to a “create new item” page.
The problem I found is when I navigate to a “edit item” page and I pre fill all dropdown.
When the plugin initialize found the required combo already select it will trigger the change event and It will update the next combo, losing all server side values.
The solution I describe is not great but it works good.
I set a js variable if I’m in edit, then I save the html of the combo before init CascadingDropDown
When the plugin trigger the source function of the second combo I check if I’m in edit and I call response([]) that will made combo empty.

  • I turn firstLoadingInEdit to off
  • I set the server side generated Html
  • I enable the combo because response([]) don’t update enable
  • I use selectPicker JQuery plugin, so I have to refresh it
$(function () {

function initCombo() {
    var isFirstLoadingInEdit = @Model.IdSymbol != 0;
    var oldHtml = $("#editIdParent").html();

        selectBoxes: [
            selector: '#editTypology',
            paramName: 'IdTypology',
            selector: '#editIdParent',
            requires: ['#editTypology'],
            source: function (request, response) {
                if (isFirstLoadingInEdit) {
                    isFirstLoadingInEdit = false;
                    var $editIdParent = $("#editIdParent");

                $.getJSON('@Url.Content("~/Admin/Symbol/SelectParentByTypology")', request, function (data) {
                    var selectOnlyOption = data.length <= 1;

                    response($.map(data, function (item, index) {
                        return {
                            label: item.desc,
                            value: item.key,
                            selected: item.isSelected || selectOnlyOption


            onChange: function (event, value, requiredValues, requirementsMet) {
                $("#dialogGenerateTemplate").attr("href", urlDownloadTemplate + "&ModelId=" + value);

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