Jquery add, append, prepend, remove child

Starting from child element: appendTo, prependTo

Add at the end the selected item to a jquery container. This sintax return the element added, so it can be use in fluent syntax. In this case appendTo or prependTo return liElment.

var liElement = "<li>test</li>";

Prepend will add the element as first child.


Starting from parent: append, prepend

Otherwise starting from parent element

var liElement = "<li>test</li>";

These lines of code return $(‘#ulContainer’) object so to add event to the child is necessary add its separately.

Starting from child: remove

If you have already the child to remove you only need to call remove without any parameter.
To complete the first example where I add deleteIt function in response of click, here is the right code

function deleteIt() {
   // this: the item clicked
   $ (this).remove();

Starting from parent: remove

Starting from parent, the remove syntax permit to specify a selector to find his children


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