Exam Simulator VCE dumps free

I’m currently studying to pass exam certifications and I’ve already read 2 books.
Now the question is: how can I do same exercises to check my level?
In order to do that I have found some sites where you can download .vce file.
A .vce file is a file that contains questions and answers and could be opened from VCE Exam Simulator, a program that to be installed on your local pc.
Here some sites where you can download that file:

After downloading the vce files, how can you use them?
You can buy VCE Exam Simulator or you can use A+ VCE Player for Android.

But if you would like to use vce files on your PC (without buying VCE Exam Simulator) below you can find the right steps:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks (Android emulator free)
  2. Download and install A+ VCE (after you have installed Bluestacks double click .apk file)
  3. Copy yours .vce files to folder “C:\Users\YOUR_ACCOUNT\Pictures\Saved Pictures”
  4. Open Bluestacks
  5. Open A+ VCE
    1. Click Add File
    2. Go to path “/storage/sdcard/windows/Pictures/Saved Pictures”
    3. Select the file you want to import

Here are some videos I used to write this guide (same videos have more steps like connect with your google account and download other apps from the play store)

Now the only thing i need is to do a lot of tests, hoping to get the exam certification 😉


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4 risposte a Exam Simulator VCE dumps free

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  2. Who Me? ha detto:

    http://www.freebraindump.com/ free ??????????
    not at all..

    $99.99 is far from free DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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