Conference call meeting sharing desktop or webcam

In my daily work I usually use some meeting conference softwares.

Here a software list I tried:

  • Skype
  • Skype for business
  • webex
  • mikogo
  • (not free)

I don’t wont to describe any of them but I’ll report only some problmes that I came across using them.

Skype works without any problems, the only requirement is that you have to have an account and the partecipants must install the client.

Skype for business. It is the new version of lync and I don’t like it too much. The thing that I hate is that you can have a call or a chat with a skype client but you can’t share the screen. Damn! Both of them are Microsoft program so there’s no reason about this behaviour.
The only way to achive it is sharing a skype appointment using outlook, and the generated link will work downloding a browser plugin.

Webex is a cisco software for conference, it works well but it is for compnay only.

mikogo and require to install a client if you are the caller and sometime I was usiung computers without having administrator perssion so without having a way to install the required software.
A collegue of mine suggested trying this site and I loved it immediately!
You don’t have to register
You don’t have to install anything (a part from browser plugin).
the only thing you’ve got to do is decide the room’s name and share the link to someone else.
It is free and allows to make a call, to use the webcam or to share the desktop. In addition there’s also an integrated chat to share some notes.
You can lock the room when all partecipants have joined, so no one else can join in during your conference. (2017-08-30 Updated)
Today I’ve found this new one site.
It’s like (with worse UI) but it works properly.

It helped me many times 🙂


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