List of Management and Leadership Books

I decided to write a post about my management books. I’ll write about every book I readed and I’ll read in the future (updating the post).
In this post I won’t write a description of each book because there are many sites where you can find information.

PMBOK 5th edition

(reviewed 2017-10-09)
I read it in order to prepare the PMP Certification. Here you can find the basic information about how to manage a project. I don’t like it so much because it explains all processes by Knowledge area instead of process group (the usual order during a project execution).

PMP Exam Simplified: Updated for 2016 Exam
by Aileen Ellis PMP

(reviewed 2017-10-09)
This book must be readed after the PMBOK because you need the PMBOK knowledge but this book fixes all concepted learned and It helps you applying all concepts in your daily work. Instead of the PMBOK this one deals processes moving from a process group to the next one.

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time
by Jeff Sutherland

(reviewed 2017-10-09)
This should be the first Scrum book to read because in this book you can understand why Scrum is born, when to apply it and how. This doesn’t address to IT project and this is why it is a good starting point.

User Stores Applied
by Mike Cohn

(reviewed 2017-10-09)
I think this book is nice but I didn’t find many interesting things considering that I’ve been using scrum for 2 years (in the moment I’m writing 2017).
I found some good advice on how to create user story in a better way but I knew some of them mainly because I read many Internet posts about Agile/Scrum.
I strongly recommend follwing the author’s blog: Mike Cohn

Scrum Guides by Jeff Sutherland & Ken Schwaber

This is not a book but a guide that could help adding more information and detail to Scrum (this is the basic for PSM I).
Here the site link

by H. Daniel Pink

(reviewed 2017-10-09)
I’m a technician so it’s quite normal that I’m used to read technical book. This book has opened my mind and the way I lead my team. This book addresses the intrinsic motivation and shows how our companies are old and how our working/family/school system is working in contrast to what studies showes.
This book is not only useful to Project Manager but it could help managers and HRs in order to improve the company environment.

Start with Why: How great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek

(reviewed 2017-11-07)
I think this book is complementary to Drive. In Drive the main topic is the motivation behind doing a job. In this book instead, is explained the difference between Why and What. The book is full of examples useful to understand why some producer have sold more product than other producer even though the technical specifications were worse.
The main drawback is that this book is very redundant. the concept is repeated over and over again

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