Design Thinking

If you’re here, probably, you’ve already read something about Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is a topic where you can find many definitions and books that share the same concept but that explain it in very different ways.

I think that we can summarize it with:

try… catch –> try again catch –> try again and again till you reach your goal

But what is the goal?

The Goal is to find out the best way to interact with something in order to avoid reading instruction in order to use it (easier) and to improve your productivity (faster).
Think about you current smartphone and compare it to a 10-year-old one.
You can apply design thinkin to everything: software, buildings, studios, rooms, working flows ecc

Prototyping is the best way to reach it…

What Design Thinking includes:

  1. It needs a vision, without it nothing worths
  2. The target must be analyzed moving from top (the goal / desired improvement) through down (details, implementation)
  3. Anxiety: It’s generated by being afraid of wasting time and money doing test risking to not reach the target
  4. Accept the risk of failure
  5. Route couse analysis (fishbones diagram, ishikawa diagram)
  6. Creating prototypes redoucing the complexity experiment by experiment
  7. Everything that limits the innovation must be changed
  8. Try try try try and try again… never give up

The best explanation I found about design thinking is in this video (movie: The Founder (2016))

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