The best result comes from everyone in the group doing what’s best for himself AND the group

Some days ago I watched (again) “A Beautiful Mind”.
Even thought I’ve already seen it in the past this movie’s scene made me think a lot

The movie is based on a true story.

Adam Smith said:
“Individual Ambition Serves the Common Good.”
“The best result comes from everyone in the group doing what’s best for himself”

John Nash instead added an importat part:
“The best result comes from everyone in the group doing what’s best for himself AND THE GROUP”

Now move this concept to your company…

In many companies usually it’s more important find who is guilty or worse shift the blame onto someone else. The only thing that cares is to use the stick (carrot and stick Approach).
Even thought many companies are matrix organization or functional organization (silos) they can apply Agile or Deming Cycle concepts… but unfortunately most of them don’t…


Keep always in mind this list:

  1. Everyone makes mistakes, the problem is not making mistakes but repeating them
  2. Figure out why the there was a problem, do a route couse analysis in order to determine every problem. Doing it you’ll find who did something wrong not shifting blame to him/her.
  3. Define how to avoid it next time
  4. Is it the first time? Talk the person/people that made mistakes and teach them… DO NOT USE THE STICK.
  5. Is this the second time? try to understand why this happend again and take actions (change organization flow)
  6. Is this happened more thant twice? Probably the person that made it is not the most appropriate doing this kind of work
  7. Comunication and Sharing: Talk Talk and Talk with everyone was involved and share what you discovered in the previous steps to all your peers and interested colleagues.
  8. Do not lose what you learned: Write it in your Knowledge Base or Lessons Learned and be sure that everyone knows how to reach this infomation

In addition some more suggestions:

  • Feedback: talk to your team and tell them what you think about their work.
  • Recognize the value of the people when they do great job
  • Say Thank You but not by email…

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