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WCF REST, configure endopoint to return SOAP, XML and JSON

WCF is a great technology but unfortunatly it’s not so easy to configure it to work correctly. I’ve spent many hours to understand exact how to configure WCF to gain the right result. Creating a WCF it’s easy, and it’s … Continua a leggere

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Convert SOAP Web Services .asmx to WCF Services .svc

I’ve converted an .asmx server to .svc services. Here a list of witch code I’ve changed from .asmx to .svc infrastructure: SOAP (.asmx) WCF (.svc) this.Context.Cache MemoryCache.Default (include System.Runtime.Caching.dll) Server.MapPath HostingEnvironment.MapPath Server.HtmlEncode HttpUtility.HtmlEncode

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WCF Service Where is System.Windows.dll?

Today I’m working on a WCF project that use a library in wich a method return a System.Windows.Rect. Trying to add System.Windows to the project reference, the System.Windows references doesn’t appear on the list. To fix the problem I found … Continua a leggere

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